Battlelog update May 14 - Better Battlelog Forums #98476

"Battlelog will receive a minor update on May 14, mainly focused on bug fixes and some redesigned elements to make navigation quicker and clearer. A lot of work has been done “under the hood” to support the future of Battlelog, but you will see a new design for the menus, Com Center, and Game Manager."

"There will be approximately one hour of downtime while we perform the necessary maintenance for this update, between 10-11AM CET May 14 ("

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I don't want to be a party pooper, but I don't like the new design much.
Instead of a small, clean drop down menu they put in this monstrosity...
Whoever the designer of battlelog is, somebody kill him.
what the holy shit have they smoked?!?
really why want they create every half year a new design?