Request: Battlefeed block - Better Battlelog Forums #2091

Hi and hello. Is ist possible to block the Forum Thread where shown in the Battlefeed from xy User?
Like to block this Feeds? The User Flame Radar works but only in the Forum i want the same function in the Battlefeed.
I moved this to the custom plugin section.
Such a filter for some Player was very usefull, because they post every little Ribbon...
Hopefully someone can do this :)

I dont want to delete this friends, but their postings are terrible....
Maybe it´s possible to separate BF3 and BF4 Battlefeed?
At the moment it all mixed togehter :(
based on this script: yes it is possible...
I´m not a programmer....anyone interest?
How does it work?
Whrer can i find the block button?
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=[KsK wrote:
= Podracer]How does it work?
Whrer can i find the block button?

Just add it to the Plugins and refresh the browser. After that you find it in the options.

Blocking users doesn't work (at this point). That would be something for a future update, maybe?
I was thinking of doing a white-list, but that could be good too.