Platoon Stats - Better Battlelog Forums #1839

these should be fairly painless to incorporate. im surprised no one has suggested them yet.

(1) add basic platoon stats on the main page
(2) one addition stat (for the main page) platoon W/L average (average based on members W/L)

mockup attached below (pardon the mess ... i put this together very quickly)

I'm a clan leader, this sounds like a very cool idea.
For this first, it's easy to click on the stats tab. Copy basic stats to another page isn't very reasonable.
Other, W/L or advanced average stats of all clan members, no. This requires a request to battlelog servers for EVERY clan member to fetch this data.
BBLog doesn't support features that requires a lot of extra requests to servers.
your right it is easy to click on the stats tab. that isn't the point / idea.

the idea is to display a snapshot of the platoon's overall performance. (i.e. how good are these guys?)

as for platoon W/L ... no need for BLOG to do any advanced functions that will bog down the server. which has already been successfully integrated pulls this data into a single form. (i.e. leaderboards)

each platoon would just have to enter the public URL of their BF3stats leaderboard.