Mouse over Gravater in Forum shows mini stats. - Better Battlelog Forums #76373

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tbh, i hate going through 2 pages to see the stats of a player.
Would love to just go over with my mouse on his gravatar to see main stats.

Left Side
Top 5 Weapons

Right Side:

* every BBLOG user can define one stat to show.

Thx for BBLOG already. It made a lot of things easier for me and plenty of other people.
It would be nice to see such a feature, but i think it will take a lot of bandwith from the servers...
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This feature requires too much requests to the battlelog server. Sry, rejected.
otherwise we shouldn't forget that a player can have more than one Player Account linked to a Battlelog / Origin Account. So if we have a player with two or more accounts, which should be displayed?

thats a reason too why its not a good idea to release this feature.

maybe a plugin developer will create a plugin like this, but i don't think so. sorry :-/