Technically impossible became possible? - Better Battlelog Forums #2021

So when i was looking on ideas for assignments i saw the ones which needed roadkills were marked "technically impossible". But in patch with Armored Kill there is dogtag on which are counted roadkills. So maybe you would see which assignement are now possible?

And there comes a suggestion for assignment:
Get out of my way! - 100 roadkills & 50 vehicles destroyed
DICE can make different Assigments like us.
We DONT have access to all the Data wich DICE have! We can just make assigments based on data and information, wich is VISIBLE in YOUR Battlelog Statistic. So for example we could now just rebuild the same roadkill assigment. but we can not request more roadkill information.
Oh, okay, i understand that. So this topic can be closed :)