auto update for the radar with database of cheaters - Better Battlelog Forums #1393

I guess this would take some doing but my idea here is that the radar that shows you players you dont wish to play with could be shared when the name is on x amount of players lists, to try and stamp out cheating a little more these lists could auto update like pbbans or ggc for servers. Not a perfect solution of course but with a little work perhaps volunteers could be tasked to investigate such users and if found to be obvious cheats they could flag them and the go on the auto list
Sorry, BBLog do not and will never support automatic or global cheater/banlists.
There so much reasons, but one is that this lists (choosen by user instead of machine) are 90% false matched.
The radar is also designed to warn you for your personal list, it not must be a cheater, it could also be user u don't like. And when we share this lists its only a question of time to get all users banned :-)
Yeah I know that there will be false reports too hence the need for volunteers that could investigate if a user hits the lists say 50 times. I did make it clear in my suggestion that I knew it wasnt perfect btw but would go along way to helping users find clean servers. Was just a suggestion though makes no difference either way to me I play on servers with active admins 90% of the time anyway
My platoon have our own website. I was wandering if a stock Radar list could be hosted on our website for our users. We could edit this manually, ensuring known hackers (that we have verified) are on it. This would give users an incentive to be part of our clan/platoon.
Is there a clause in the TOC that forbids this sort of thing? Or is it just really really complicated to implement?
It seems like an obvious progression for this feature...
It's neither complicated to implement nor forbidden to share lists outside of the addon.
Only BBLog not supports auto sharing/updating/global lists with any built-in feature.
We don't want it for the same reason as battlelog, name&shame.
Also it does not bother us what other websites, platoons or users do.
Feel free to make global lists on your own homepage, we not forbid it.