High Tickrate Servers Plugin - Better Battlelog Forums #144557


probably DICE/EA will introduce this filter in a while but it would be great to have a selection of 60Hz, 120Hz and even 144Hz ! servers to choose from...

i have to say that EA/DICE are really trying this time with CTE, Community Map and now with this updated ( from 10Hz initially ! ) higher performance servers options..after few bug fixes that comes with this increased communication and data rates....our BF4 will get a lot better ;-)
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This will not be possible i guess because the filter only works when some information is available for the tickrate.
Currently i see no information, neither hidden nor visible in battlelog.
Nevermind, changed server filters is also not possible for us because we cannot change the search query on the server. We can just change the frontend view and that's not helpful here.
It's confirmed by DICE, that this filter will be added when fall patch is published.
This feature was launched in battlelog today.