Extra filters for dogtags - Better Battlelog Forums #52316

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A lot of people on Battlelog forums likes the animation what comming from the last Battlelog update but they are annoying with this new messy
no order, impossible to find a dogtag..

Maybe BBLog can improve this page with extra filters ?

- Add a "locked" filter = not yet unlocked (and a "missing" filter = not taken)
- add extra filters (weapons, ribbons, stars...)

An example of a possible layout

An idea i've presented in bug area but it will be more visible here (or in the plugin section if rejected)
I don't even notice the animation, it lags so much with all dog tags so it just looks like it was before.
The only time I notice the animation is if I see just a small amount of dog tags.
I have the information that DICE do some improvement on the DogTag in the future, so i don't do changes here. Maybe they will do that what you suggested.
I was just about to make post that was to request this as an idea (to have a 'locked', 'unloacked' and/or 'unobtained' filter that shows only dog tags that have yet to be taken or unlocked), since the original post of this request was made the DICE battlelog update hadn't addressed the issue.

So rather than me making a post like this (or like the other i found) could I possible get a bump on this and re-request/suggest this as a filter.

p.s., I wish I had found bblog much sooner than I did as it is awesome.