Class Service Star Progress and Award Sorting - Better Battlelog Forums #1467

Hi BBL team,
thx for creating such a powerfull tool.

A nice little feature would be the points that are left for each class service star. I don't want to calculate 8% of 132 844 Points. Would be fitting in the tooltip above the class progress like in the medal tooltips.

Also a very useful feature (actually that was why i search advances for battlelog and found your plugin) would be a possibility to change the sortings of the awards. Or at least auto-sort by awards which will be achieved next. At the moment the sorting to me looks random and i have to look for a while until i find that one which only has some points left.
Ah ok sry, just found another request for award sorting. But maybe the autosort by progress thingy is worth a try ;)

Sorting a horrible peace of work so i would change nothing anymore at this point.
For class progress (left points) i can do something for you.
Keep watchin for next update.

Ok thx for adding the feature!

For the sorting: so i have to implement my own stand alone tool for it ;)