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Hi, loved your plugin for BF3 and will probably love the BF4 version, I suggest it a lot to friends and ppl on the forums complaining about BL stuff that BBLOG has built in... So keep up the awesome work!!!

The only thing I'm missing on both BL as BLLOG is a way to customize the amount of people on servers in the servr list... I love to play on server between 32 and 48 players, but now I can only search for server with 32 AND 48 players, not much choice while there are numersous servers with 36, 40, etc players... Choose custom, which gives me ALL the custom player counts, like 2 player boost servers etc... Or leave it completely open and get far too much results.. :)

I don't know if it's possible to get, but I would love the option to choose the amount of players between say 32 and 48... So that's my featur request...

If you need a beta tester or anything, you can also let me know.. I'm very used to fork, hack and bughunt lots of scripts...

Best regards,

Tha -=KinGuiN=-
Try checking the "Other" filter and sorting by player count.
I'll try to make a plugin.
dapil wrote:
I'll try to make a plugin.

Sorry, I think it's not possible.
I tried that in the past. Not possible because battlelog have just this predefined filters on the server side.
BBLog cannot change server side code, that only can be done by DICE.
Ok, that's clear... Thank you all for the responses... :)