problems with my image maker,need a hint! - Better Battlelog Forums #80597

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Here is a nerved user!
I use the Imagebana-Imagemaker since 1 works fine for battlelog-but not for the new bblog forum Layout!
I dont know why,but it is not possible to post my uploaded screenshots to the Topic ,so that it is seeable as a picture or a clickable link.I use the right dimensions for forums and blogs 450x338 picsize , put it into the code line that puts the url (normaly)clickable in the text ,and all what i see is the code line in words and not as orange marked clickable link or a instant screenshotpicture.

Can anybody tell me something about another imagemaker for the forumthreads,that would be helpful for me.
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I usually use Dropbox or

Or are you talking about an image editor?
do you talk about THIS board here?
why don't you use our internal upload script?

next to the "submitt" and "cancel" button is "my attachments"
Thanks for your support.Thats absolultly what i wanted to have!
Your imagemaker is also cool-what size did you choose for the forum ,if you would share a screenshot?
just upload it in original size, it will be scaled automatictly to the most possible size.
original screenshot sizes are the best because than we can see everything like it is.