Weapons Statistics/Unlocks page, filtering. - Better Battlelog Forums #1829

On the weapon statistics/unlocks page BBLog added filtering by PDW, Shotgun, Pistols, correct? (I've been using BBLog for so long i forget what features are bblog and what are actual battlelog things)

What about filtering weapons by expansion. BTK CQC. I know after I unlocked some CQC weapons I'd find myself scrolling threw the page looking for the new weapons to get to the weapon page.

Also, integrate the above mentioned and all ready existing filtering options onto the upcoming unlocks page.

Then the same thing on the vehicle page once armored kill comes out?
Rejected for both ideas.
First for extra filters, i'll integrate another feature that makes filtering much more efficient that predefined filters. Look forward for next update.
Unlock pages as a complete other system behind and it need much times to integrate, for this small improvement it's too much time for me.
Looking forward to the next update :]