Wrong Origin of Weapon's flag - Better Battlelog Forums #1995

Hi there, I think I found an error on the weapon flag like the M16A3's instead of the US flag, I seen it was showed as a RU, see the image below for more info -


BBLog version: 2.3.0
Google Chrome 22 BETA, also test on Firefox 15.
This is a battlelog feature, therefore DICE has to fix thix glitch.
Yes, its no BBLog issue.
DICE did something wrong, again, the 29281th.
Nothing really wrong. If you notice the only weapons with that flag are the first ones unlock-able for both US and RU. It's just a way to indicate you can choose those weapons whenever you want.
Well it is wrong, the same weapon shouldnt be there twice and second there shouldnt be an american flag next to russian weapons and vise versa.