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Hey i want to know if anyone could help me by making a simple emblem for my soldier. it would mean alot to me. Thanks in advance.

^ Theres the image i want the emblem to look like, no need for the background, if you could make it premiun free friendly that would be amazing. So only 20 layers :D
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So, I was a little bored and I threw this together really quick. It's not perfect yet, or exact but it's close to the image you provided. It needs a little touch up and maybe a little adjustment on the centering, but it's something for you to work with. Currently it only has 11 layers, so it's non-Premium friendly. If/when I get some time, perhaps I'll put a little more work into it to get it perfect.

Let me know if it's missing anything, or if you have any problems with it.

Here's the emblem code.

Edit - Hmm, I tried posting the code, but the forum cut parts of the text out. If you'd like, just look me up on Battlelog and copy it yourself. I'll keep it in my emblem collection for now if you decide you'd like to use it.

My Battlelog name is the same as here: JesusChrist454

If you have any other suggestions on how I can post the emblem code then let me know, thanks.

Edit -#2 I also just noticed that the emblem won't work if you don't have the right angle triangle unlocked. It's one of the battlepack emblems, not a premium emblem shape. If you don't have it unlocked, let me know and I'll try to make something else work in its place (you can probably just use strokes in place of the triangle if necessary.