Chat Size - Better Battlelog Forums #1947

Hi guys, First, Excuse my bad english =\ My main language is Spanish
And 1 of the rulz is only English :s

Anyway, Here my question maybe idea
can be possible put the chat window a little more bigger ?
Or DICE have to do it ? sometimes i'm in a party and feel like the window is to small
and i have to scroll up to read -.-!

I dont know if this is possible, but i think it's more for a plugin thingy than a BBLog feature. you should wait for Roland's response.

No se si sea posible, pero seria más apropiado que se cree un plugin en vez de integrarlo en BBLog. Tendrás que esperar una respuesta de Roland.
ok =\ thanks
Sorry, BBLog doesn't do layout fixes/improvements in general.
Maybe a theme or plugin developer will help you.