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First, don't panic, BBLog is still available and will be until the last Battlelog user will hoist the flag.

I decided to stop development for Better Battlelog.
The reason is pretty simple, the userbase shrink every day because of the outrunning battlelog system.

Better Battlelog work pretty great since a long time, without known bugs or awaiting features. So, developing new things make no real sense anymore.

There already tons of features in the addon.

I'm still here, i'm still watching, also parts of the team are still active and watching, you can expect support until the very end.

On the other hand, there is a new extension for the new companion system for BF1.

Have a nice day.
Greetz Brain
greaterfield.com doesnt work.
Firefox told me , that 404 Error - Server not found
is there another way to get that extension?
and if , please let me know.
thx from Berlin
Greaterfield has been discontinued since 1. October 2017.
This source code is available at