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as posted in an other topic, some points why EA should change their strategy:
i want to show you first two short and one longer video. here're the shorts first, you should get interessted for the long one ;-) enjoy them and lets discuss about :-D

Tara Talks - how EA can save itself (via Zoomin.TV Games):

5 good reasons why - second screen gaming will fail (via Zoomin.TV Games):

so guys, lets talk about the videos! what do you think, are they right? could it happend again? will EA learn something? woulnd't they? and why not? or why yes? tell me your opinion :-D

but now the longer Video (you should take around 45 minutes to watch it) it treats the stock value of EA and other publishers and why the crash from 1983/84 could happens again:

Is the gaming industry crashing (again)? (via CleverNoobs):

This video is a reply to the last one you posted: