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Hi all,

I currently use a second screen for the BattleScreen function in BF4. However to get it to full screen you have to press the expand button everytime which is kind of annoying and shouldnt be necessary.


So I was wondering if there is a plugin that could do this automatically? So its always full screen without the chat boxes or friends column on the side etc.

Secondly, is there a way to hide the 'BetterBattleLog' tab on the left and the new 'Cookie Preferences' tab bottom left?

Many Thanks,
I will try to do this.
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dapil wrote:
I will try to do this.

Someone already started something
(I know, pretty rough similarity)
, even though it seems to be abandoned. You might could get in touch with him. Or (at least) get some inspiration.

The plugin is finished, you can try it here:

This plugin now has its own thread: