updating banners - Better Battlelog Forums #1971

Is it possible for the code on banners to refresh automatically? In order to keep stats fresh on the banners, we must re-import them to the page. I thought that automatically refreshing stats would be nice for them.
sorry, i dont understand what are you talking about.
could you make an example? a link? a screen? something else?!
I think he means one of them automatically generated banners from bf3stats.

bf3stats graphics, signatures and banners are generated with PHP
if the bf3stats from the server or player will be updated, the graphic will update themselves too. you need to have activated bf3stats integration, so if you visit your stats, bf3stats will autoupdate their database.

otherwise the graphics will be only updated if you visit your player stats on bf3stats.com

if you do all of these points and the graphics, signatures and banners FROM bf3stats.com doesnt work, you have to go to the forum from bf3stats. we cant help you in this case.
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