[MINOR] Medals showing "undefined<br/> * ribbons left - Better Battlelog Forums #2120

BBlog version: 2.6.0;
Browser: Chrome v. 23.0.1271.40 beta-m;
Options: " Award Improvements" -ON;
The problem: While hovering over a medal from the left side of the page you get the BLog description and you get a white pop out with the text:
"undefined ** ribbons left"

How to replicate:
1. Log into BLog;
2. Go to the awards page;
3. Hover over a medal (any medal from the top levels)
Observations: Only starting from the "ASSAULT RIFLE MEDAL " to "GUN MASTER MEDAL"; it oly affects the top lines.
Confirmed. Working on a fix.
This bug has been fixed as of 25.10.2012 - version 2.6.1.

Admin please close this thread.
Alfatango109 wrote:
Admin please close this thread.

we dont close topics if its not needed ;-)
That is good to know for further posts ^_^ .