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With the introducing of BBLog 2.0.0 we integrated the plugin system.
This give you the ability to modify the whole Battlelog. You can do everything that BBLog can do - But you need something about JavaScript and how BBLog works. Therefore I give some basic information that helps you with first steps in plugin creation.

At first some helpful links

* Battlelog use the JavaScript Library "jQuery". Simple the best JS Framework.

* JavaScript Tutorial from w3schools -

Some example scripts that are ready to use


Other helpful things

* Use chrome for JS development, fastest way to develop with the integrated tools (Press F12) - Well, firefox have good tools too but chrome is faster and better designed for this case.
* For fast development you should use a own webserver where you can fast edit your files - Or - Even better - Use a local webserver and
- It's the really fastest way. Link to a easy to use webserver -

* Make sure that your script work in both browser. Nothing bothering more than a script only for one exclusive browser.
* For security reasons BBLog and the Plugins only loaded when the user ALREADY logged in. On the login mask no BBLog or Plugin scripts running.
I am working on BBLog v3.0 and for that reason the whole Plugin Engine will be changed.

Featured Plugins will be removed, no featured plugins until yet added.
HotFix Plugin will automatically be in BBLog v3.0.

The plugin engine is pretty much finished so i give all of you the new required plugin format.
BBLog v3.0 will come soon, so you have some time to modify your plugins that they will work when the release is comming out.

Example Plugin:
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Don't forget - On 21. November 2012 we release BBLog v3 with a new plugin structure.
Make sure that all your plugins be ported to be working fine.
the link to the example javascript isn't working :(
digitalcassette wrote:
the link to the example javascript isn't working :(