Report Server Button - Better Battlelog Forums #1952

I don't know if this is possible at all. There are quite a lot stupid stats padding server out there. I would love to have some kind of button to easily report them. Maybe something could be done in that compartement.
This isn't something that BBLog can do, we have the Server Radar, that's all we can de.

A report function needs to be added by DICE.
maybe it could be possible to include the formular from the generall Report inline popup and so it would automaticly be a server report function
DICE need to include better support for reports, we can't do that.
Would it be possible for us to report it so everyone on bblog can see that it's a bad server, possible have it like a review system so you can see which servers have positive votes and which have negative a bit like in the battlelog+ addon.
Possible yes. But that requires some jobs on our server and our server is under heavy load with lot of other bblog jobs. To fix this we require more servers that we don't have (also don't have the money for that). Rejected,