Plugin won't load directly from Github - Better Battlelog Forums #48695

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Like the title says. I am unable to load plugins directly from Github. I think this has to do with the fact that it uses the https protocol but I'm not sure why exactly. Just the fact that all plugins hosted on Github with links similar to this:

Could someone test this for me and see if it works? If not, could this please be fixed?

It would make development through collaboration a lot easier.

I'll be sure it's because of https.
Chrome and probably also firefox don't allow secure <-> unsecure connections withs scripts.
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A solution could be a http proxy on your server that serve the files.

That serves the same as https//xsafasdf
Alright. I will look into setting up a proxy server then. Thanks for the info!
Weird is, that I can load and use plugins from HTTPS GitHb addresses normally.