Show platoon members on servers - Better Battlelog Forums #1448

Could you add this
or maybe something similar to your script?
Looks good, i will see what i can do.
Isn't possible without making many many requests.
This will slow down the browser and could have a server impact if it's heave used.
So, rejected. BBLog do nothing what can have a load impact for battlelog servers.
well, what you mean with many requests?

per server would only be one request

Thats not more than battlelog is doing. Battlelog is sending a request for every click on a server in the list
Not true.
First its required to get all platoon members -> Big request depends on platoon members.
Than you must get server informations of each platoon -> Multiple with unique server ids.
So it could take up to 10 and more requests per platoon -> multiple with different platoons in your list if you check all rapidly. So let us calculate with 3 platoons. In best case you have 10 or less requests, in worst case its more than 50 within a minute.
And than sum it up with over 7000+ bblog users from which 1000 uses this feature a lot.
Battlelog is calculated for all features they have built-in, but not with third-party features that firing a lot of requests in a short time.
I not want include features that requires much requests.
oh.. wrong request^^

was for the platoon server list