Horizontal Rule Before Signature - Better Battlelog Forums #49036

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I love having bblog display a forum signature, However when posting on Battlelog the signature kind of blends in and doesn't really look like a signature. Now I am not sure if this would be possible to implement but adding a Horizontal Rule would separate the signature from the post nicely and would match the actual Battlelog signature option.
It's not possible.
The BBLog signature is a simple text appended to the original post.
We cannot seperate the text later from the original post text.
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Ah darn, Alright thanks for the quick response. I suppose creating a custom style sheet it could be done, Though I would be the only one to see it but at least it would look better on my end lol
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wouldn't be possilbe to put automaticly a line like




over the custom signature?
We had it so a long time ago.
It looks like totally crap and nobody liked it.
yeah, thats true, so than its everything right.