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Add-on theme for BBLog (Better Battlelog) that hides unnecessary items and make it a bit more tidy.
I wrote this for myself and there is no guarantee that your vision of clean and tidy matches mine, but if it does, here are a css file (theme) that cleans up battlelog.

What it does:
Hides the huge start page buttons.
Hides the BF3/MOHW switcher.
Hides the Twitter feed.
Hides the footer.
Hides profile/avatar (top right).
Hides the soldier picture.
Hides the platoon count on the platoon page.
Hides the avatar from latest post info in forums.
Hides the avatar left of the reply box in forum threads.
Hides the Origin logo in the Com Center header.
Hides signatures in forum.
Hides the merch advertisement.

Open the BBLog Theme Switcher and paste
to the custom theme box, and you're done. (BF3 only).


Screenshot of BBLog-Clean used with Bandar Desert Theme.
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Your theme is violating the Rules for Theme Creation at getBBLog.com

1. Don't hide out ANY areas in Battlelog that needed for legal/advertising/information purposes. Especially shop banners or footer links to Legal/Law/Impressum Pages. You can sure modify the style of it - But it must be visible to the user. This rule contains in principle all things in battlelog.

Please note that all themes that violate this rules been disabled or never get listed in BBLog.
For more information pls read this topic:
I don't think that he wants be listed in the Theme Switcher :)
PS: Just for clarification. The theme violate the rules for sure. But we don't block a theme if the theme not be listed in the theme switcher (or never wants to be listed), also when this theme violate the rules.
BrainFooLong wrote:
I don't think that he wants be listed in the Theme Switcher :)

i know, i just wanted to made this point clear that he won't be listed ;-)
I know I'm violating the rules, but as you said, I have no intention of this "theme" to be included in the Theme Selector. And if this thread doesn't fit in here, feel free to move or delete it.
No one will remove it, a theme is a theme. :-)
Meaurk wrote:
No one will remove it, a theme is a theme. :-)

excatly. i just wanted to make this point (about the violation) clear, nothing more, nothing less.
hope you understand me =)