Reus Steam Key Giveaway! - Better Battlelog Forums #113574

I have a key for that game on steam. I gift it to people that want it.
Write in this topic if you want and why. Gift will be sended out on 17. Jan. 2014
The first takes it all.
I would like this game because I don't have enough money at the moment to get it but I don't want to steal from the creators and get a cracked version of this game. It looks like a really fun good game and it's definitely the type of game I'd enjoy. I would be very grateful if you gave this game to me. Thank you (:
That game looks way too cool for me.
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i write here that i don't want it because i don't want it.
maybe i'll get it but than i will give it to someone else ^^
wow, nice giveaway, i would like to win this game, i'm very tired of FPS/MMO -.-
Thaks anyway :B
Cool. Another interesting (non Tripe A game published by shit publisher) ^^
Congrats "CartmaniLP", you've been randomly picked.
You've got a PM with the link.