Stalk List - Better Battlelog Forums #2140


me idea is a "stalk button". I'm often looking for players with exclusive dogtags, like the "5 times Mortar Medal", to knife them. Today I'm allways typin the player's name in the search box to check if the player is online and playin, because nearly nobody is accepting my freinds request. It would be a massive improvement, if i had a list, where i can directly see the online status (like the friends list).

I'm thinking of a button like the "Radar Button", for example "Stalk Button". By clickin these button the player will be added to a stalk list. By clickin on the stalk list, i can see all my added players with their online status and if available a server link where i can join.

What do you think?
BBLog will never add a feature like this. We don't support dogtag hunters because it's horrible when somebody can't play without being stalked all day long (Like the DICE Employees).
You can ask for it in the plugin section.