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Ok, that's what i wanted to see, an epic BF4 MP.
A must have title this year for me.

Plus for me:
* More vehicles inlcluding sea fight
* Commander Mode
* Higher Buildings
* A lot more Destruction
* Higher SQUAD limit
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To be honest, after Battlefield 3, my hopes for Battlefield as a whole were pretty low.
But after they announced Commander Mode, the little area in my heart reserved for Battlefield 2 jumped a few beats.

I do however think it's sad that they had to use Commander Mode as a selling point, it's like they're begging for the old Battlefield 2 fans to forgive them and come back.

The only minus that I can think of is that it looks exactly like Battlefield 3. And the fact that they've ripped out a part of the game and made it a pre-order extra, I'm talking about the China Rising DLC.
Since the MP presentation was one big hollywood movie, it's still the same for me: play beta first, then decide.
I admit I was impressed, especially for the destruction (even if I don't think it's really anything new, look at Caspian Border). Anyways I'm still not interested in buying it, definitely not at full price.
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The commander mode is the only noticeable improvement from BF3, but it's not something to be proud of, i mean, it was in BF2, also the DLC policy from EA is going to be the same as it was with BF3 (crap).

It's worth buying when you pay 20-30$, not 60$.
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Control+C / Control+v for another forum:

Karl Magnus Troedsson, the DICE general manager, is being interviewed.
- In the pre-Alpha stage, you can counter-melee attacks that happen when the enemy comes towards you. You cannot counter melee attacks which come from behind.
- Levolution is a "concept", not just setpiece moments like the skyscraper collapse. You can shoot fire extinguishers to create a brief "smokescreen".
- Spectator mode is confirmed. You can spectate through first person, third person and free camera!Magnus Troedsson says Dice are listening to the competitive community. E3 is the first big test of the spectator system, he says.
- Changes to the suppression system are confirmed. Suppression is now more heavily focused on the support class. Magnus Troedsson says it will be much more obvious in long range combat, not close quarters fights.
- Thanks to /u/SchnitzelSandwich for pointing our something I completely forgot to mention: Magnus Troedsson says you will be able to dive underwater and "sprint-swim" both above and below the surface.
- If I heard correctly you can now lean over cover with a sniper rifle and look down the scope.
- For those not watching the stream they have 64 computers set up in the corner of the EA booth at E3.
- First look at spectator mode! You can switch between any player, and look through first or third person, or free camera.
- We're watching from the view of a pilot of a U.S. attack helicopter, it's the same helicopter as the U.S. attack heli in BF3.

- Big news: having control of different flags will give you different abilities. In Seige of Shanghai, C flag gives you control of the gunship, flag B gives you a "tomahawk", flag D gives you some sort of scanning device.
- Taking down the skyscrapers is done by shooting down four "pillars" on the four corners of the building. It is player controlled, not a timed setpiece at a certain number of tickets.
- You can use pistols while swimming in water.
- First, low resolution screenshot of spectator mode. You can see the user interface at the top and how you switch between players and camera angles:

- They're running PCs on the show floor. It's also confirmed to run 64 players at 60fps on next generation consoles. Yesterday we learned it will be 30fps, 24 players on current gen consoles.
- More gameplay. We're now looking at a player using a tank. There is an underground parking garage on this maps as well as the metro station we saw yesterday. Patrick Bach says metal detectors are in the metro station, when you go through them they make a noise and alert enemy players to your presence.
- Helicopter is on fire. Is it me or does that fire look much better than BF3?
- There is not unlimited ammo for main battle tanks. It seems that there is for attack helicopters.
- New kind of red dot sight, not sure what it's called.

- "You can use your sidearm while in the water," Bach confirms.
- We're watching a guy who seems to be trying to shoot down his team's helicopter with a stinger...
- Knife customisation, Bach confirms.
- There is still debris falling from the sky around the map following the skyscraper collapse.
- The commander cannot force people to do things. If you want to go take a different objective to the one the commander has ordered you to take, you can.
- /u/SchnitzelSandwich notes that the stinger appears to have a slightly longer lock on time. Good observation: "There is a guy who is a Medic who pulled out what looked like his defibs. It says that he has 2 ammo left when he pulled it out. Limited revives maybe?"
- More gameplay. We're looking at the free camera in spectator mode, following the U.S. team as they go through the map.
- One minor thing is that bullets are now much more obvious as they go through the air. Not sure if they have tracers or not but there are orange streaks all over the place in hotspots on the map.
- One thing that seems to have changes is that it is no longer the case that enemies are orange and you are blue, it appears there are orange and blue teams, so half the time you will shoot blue players and half the time you will shoot orange players. Unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure why this is the case.
- There seems to be a lot of microdestruction. Think Close Quarters, but all around the huge map. There is lots of debris littering the city.

Karl Magnus has revealed somethings

- Sprint swim
- Auto lean over thing as in far cry 3
- Suppression is nerfed for all weapons except support weapons and it is also nerfed for close ranged combat
- Also he wants us to keep posting feedback, they can't respond to all the feedback but they do read a lot of these suggestions.
- Diving underwater, you can use pistols when underwater
- 4 pillars which you can spot to make the skyscraper collaps
- No other maps than Siege of Shanghai(for the alpha in E3)
- You only get bonuses for your Commander for B,C and D
- They apparently have some sick commander stations at E3, no footage tough

Interview with Patrick Bach:

- They are happy with responds from the community to the gameplay footage
- Limited ammo confirmed for MBT(Some claim it regenerates)
- Metal detectors, gates fire extinguishers and more create a more living and interactive environment
- For some reason the heli which was disabled repaired itself while being on fire, couldn't see a engineer repairing it.
- Reason for levolution is not only to make it look better but also make the game more dynamic so games will be different each time you play.
- Team and enemy tags are probably switched in spectator mode, The player walked past red icons but killed a blue guy. Probably uses the team the spectator is in so if the spectator is in the opposite team of the person they are spectating the team tags are still from the team they are in.(Fix that)
- Sick wave when the building collapses
- Map is dusty after the collapse of the skyscraper, low visibility
- Commander adds a layer of value without taking it away from people who don't care about commander.
- He tweeted the commander station, looks sick!
- What the hell was that kind of rocket launcher?!( probably AT4)
- 2 jet-skies on the back of the boat, you enter it automatically when exiting the boat.
- ZFB05 Vehicle for china
- Flash bangs?

- Defibs are now needed to be charged up before you can revive
- Vehicle disabling is in, but has been reworked and now takes into account what part was hit
- Special squad leader commorose
- No custom squads
- The waves are all dynamic and react to things like boats
- Levolution is on all maps, different maps have different kinds
- Prone confirmed!!!


- In spectator mode for one of the teams the icons for teams aren't updated correctly making it look like people are shooting friendlies
- Flares and missiles appear as the explosive icon in spectator mode.
- Arms acting weird in the attack helicopter
E3 commander station:
Looks like Microsoft/Xbox receive preferential treatment once again.
Fan-favorite maps from BF3?

Oh well, it seems that metro is coming back in BF4.
wasakakero wrote:
Fan-favorite maps from BF3?

Oh well, it seems that metro is coming back in BF4.

I actually wouldn't mind, good map, easy points.
Brady_The wrote:
Looks like Microsoft/Xbox receive preferential treatment once again.

Not really, all of the Battlefield 3 DLC was available on the Playstation 3 first.
xXJumpyXx wrote:
Brady_The wrote:
Looks like Microsoft/Xbox receive preferential treatment once again.

Not really, all of the Battlefield 3 DLC was available on the Playstation 3 first.

Haha, that's a fail on my side. Filthy PC Master Race, can't differentiate between consoles...