Hide irrelevant maps filter - Better Battlelog Forums #1874

I suggest that whenever you disable a game(BF3, B2K or CQ) all of this game's maps will disappear from the maps list on the server browser filter.
good idea...
but i wouldn hide them, i would change their color in a grey and made the checkbox uncheckable.

and i would do the say if you have a few specific gamemodes, that all maps wich dont support these modes would have a grey color/uncheckable checkbox.
Idea is cool. I will see what i can do.
Well, must reject this. I like to focus my bblog development for other things that be more helpfull. This idea is good but need some hours for a minor thing.
Since I've thought about and wanted this before, too, I just hacked together a small plugin.

post updated and moved here:
This feature is also availible on the battlelog+ addon (http://battlelogplus.com/) so if anybody really wants it they can get this addon. I don't know whether it's possible but you might be able to save some work and borrow some of the source from this addon.