"Platoon Players" List - Better Battlelog Forums #115974

It would be good if we had a Platoon Players list, like the friend list, so we could join the server that our platoon is playing and rank up the platoon faster :D

btw, thanks for the great work!
Without a massive request spam to battlelog server's it's not possible from our side.
This is a feature that must come from battlelog itself.
I guess DICE will implement this. If not I'll create a plugin (or someone else, just need to fork my ext. friends list plugin)
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I really don't recommend to create a plugin for that.
If i think about 100 extra requests on a page visit i can cry :) It will freeze the browser for sure.
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Actually there was a plugin which did it already but DICE "fixed it", people aren't intended to see other people playing unless you're friends.
That is bad... Would be a really great idea if you just could join a server with your platoon guys, but okay :/
You can see if they are online or playing with one request on platoon's member tab, butyou cant see on which server.