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Hi guys, i'm looking for a plugin that already exist but I just can't find it.

We can see what it does in this picture :
Screenshot of the plugin

So if you guys know where I can find it I would be very grateful :D

Someone already asked for it

we don't know who have made this :)
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Oh I didn't know there was already a topic
But thanks for the answer anyway :)

And btw I took this screen on the stream of MarineStrike on twitch, maybe he did the plugin himself
Hello guys.

I'm the author of the plugin; quite honestly surprised to see it mentioned here. It was originally a private and badly written extension which was the result of thoughtlessly trying to increase the functionality of what was initially a simple piece of code. Over time it's been shared with some streamers and a few members of the competitive community, but I had no idea people were actively looking for it here.

The version pictured is very old, but I'm currently in the process of re-writing the plugin to be more manageable and easily extensible, with the intent to add a few new features and possibly release it publicly here given how well-received it has been. I will eventually submit it to the forum and plugin gallery for review, so if and when it's released you can find it there.

If BattleLog should ever make its way to BF1 I will try my best to support it. Sadly it looks like BattleLog is on its way out, but as long as the statistics engine and some sort of HTTP based server-state API exists there should be no problem keeping this running.

Any questions feel free to ask or PM.

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Well, even though this thread is old, I've uploaded the plugin for you guys:
access denied upon clicking the link towards advanced scoreboard
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badjokr wrote:
access denied upon clicking the link towards advanced scoreboard

That page and plugin has been deleted.