HowTo - BBLog cant be updated / not visible - Better Battlelog Forums #1860

This can happen if you are updating your BBLog.

F.e. by the change from the old Battlelog layout to the new one. If this happens you have to delete the FULL folder from the Addon in the Browser addon directory.

Path under Win 7:
C:\Users\____\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\


By both browser you have to search the right folder. The addon folder dont have the name of the addon, it have a mix from letters and number and special caracters.

you can detect the right folder, if you find in one of them javascript files with the name "bblog.js" and else or the BBLog Icon as a graphic.

Delete the detected folder (for security made a backup).
close your browser, wait a few secounds and open it again.
install BBLog completly new. now it should work.
Path to AppData Folder can be
How do I do this on a mac? BBlog is not working for me, battlelog looks the same. I installed v 3.9.0 and have firefox version 26.0.
Checkout the infos on this site, it doesn't matter if you have a mac or not.