Creating a BF Competitive League - Better Battlelog Forums #151857

Hey everyone! I originally had an idea of creating a server which rewarded a top player on the server each month but due to the lack of being able to track these stats on my server individually I wasn't able to achieve that. I still have great ideas for our community though and one thing that has always saddened me is the lack of a competitive scene for BF. So I decided that change has to start somewhere with someone. I have decided with the community's help to assemble a competitive league. This is going to take some testing and i think now is the best time ever to start with BF1 dropping in October. FOR NOW, the league will be solely on PS4. PC WILL BE ADDED ONCE TESTING IS FURTHER IN. Xbox may be included in this in the future. AS of now it will be 5 Man teams and the Game mode will be Domination. All the games will be streamed live on Twitch.Tv/Strayfuh so you DO NOT have to be a player to provide feedback on weapon bans and map rotation. Here is the link to the 1st League Test which will be this Wednesday at 7PM CST on PS4. DO NOT WORRY IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS TEST THERE WILL BE MANY MORE!! Here is the link to sign your team up or to sign up as a Free Agent and be drafted by a team in need of players!
For questions please DM me @UhStrayfuh on Twitter or on this post!!