BBLog Developer wanted! - Better Battlelog Forums #1728

Hi @ll!

Now, for the first time ever, i search a second developer for BBLog.
I don't have much time in the future for BBLog but it should grow and grow.

For this reason i need a developer.
If you are a developer, you must have all things below (and more :-)

* At least 20 years or older.
* Excellent, non-plus-ultra JavaScript, Html, Ajax, jQuery and CSS Skills. (at least many years of high quality coding).
* No Browser Extension skills required (All works with JavaScript).
* Good english or german skills (to communicate with me).
* Respect to everyone - Understand and respect critics - Don't flame, don't piss off other people.
* Even more programmer skills in every section.
* SVN - Version Control System (No GitHub)
* You should have at least 1 hour time for BBLog in a week.

What you do for BBLog?

* Implement/Plan new features.
* Bughunting.
* Be active in this board to answer to feature requests and bug reports.
* Work together with me
* The work is that what you want to do. Some features that user wants (see Feature Subforum) or something from your/team ideas.

What you get for your work?

* Respect. BBLog is a free, non commercial project with no incomings (not more as server already costs).

If you're interested, contact me via PM in this board.

Greetz Roland
I'll post a tweet about this :) I hope you find someone that meets the requirements.
Yep, good luck!
I do not meet all your criteria and i do not have a lot of free time too, but if you ever want a third hand and no one else can help, i will be here... devs should help each other :P

I am the developer of this addon:

Also working with javascript and over a page like yours...

By the way, awesome job!

Yours GreatApo

P.s.: Have you tried contact these devs:
Hi, I am interested in contributing. I certainly meet all your criteria and get the whole "its free" thing.

I'm just a Software Engineer who's gotten to a point in my job where I am not doing much coding, but still thoroughly enjoy doing it when I can. I am a BF3 lover and have even messed around a little with a small project of my own. If you'd care to check it out its at:
Its pretty buggy right now and doesn't quite look like they way I want but I think its not a bad start.

I'm pretty impressed w/ what you've done and would appreciate helping out.
if you both would be a (good) software engineer you would read the FULL message from brain:
brain wrote:
If you're interested,
contact me via PM in this board.
Ok, no problem. No reason to be rude, just trying to help...
robenter wrote:
No reason to be rude

It's just ORFK :-)
robenter wrote:
No reason to be rude, just trying to help...

i'm sorry, it shouldn't sounds rude, my bad :-S