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Please add an option to hide a server that is on the radar, instead of showing it in red (use the 'hide' CSS property instead or whatever). Let those of us who prefer to have servers hidden have the ability to toggle this option.

If we wanted to remove a server from the radar, we can toggle the hide option off so it shows up in red again allowing us to right click it.
Already asked in the past. Rejected because this is not what we want to do, for several reasons.
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What reasons?

At least, then, is there a way to write a mod/plugin that allows us to replace the red background CSS with a hide property instead?

When I radar/blacklist a server, I really do not want to see it any longer -- it being red just draws my eye to it and frustrates me.

By the way, right-clicking to add to radar does not work on the Favorites or History tabs -- only on the server browser tab, FYI. Using Firefox 26.0.
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Everybody can make a plugin that do that.

The reasons are simple and different variations of that Problem: Much more and complex work to do that because this have many sideffects.
I don't want explain it more detailed because the point is, it will not be integrated in BBLog.
As another reason, BBLog do not completely hide things in Battlelog