A few battlelog tweaks that should be considered - Better Battlelog Forums #1750

1. Increase the friend maximum from 150 to at least 250. Myself and many others have already maxed out friend limits and can no longer add more people.

2. Fix the issue with pending friend request. It's annoying when I can no longer send out friend requests because I have too many pending, yet I can still accept them from others.

3. Fix the battlelog party system. Increase the cap from 8 to 10 at least and make it so whenever someone goes offline they automatically leave the party. It's annoying when someone takes up a spot and they aren't even online, especially when they are the party leader.

4. Not being able to comment on platoon posts if you are not friends with the poster. If you are a member of a platoon and you are not friends with someone that posts on the platoon wall you cannot comment on that post. You should be able to post regardless if you are a member of the platoon and ESPECIALLY of you are a leader.

5. The alert system. Sometimes when you are online you get an alert and you click on the little update logo and it won't tell you what the alert was for. It will notify you every time something comes up, but it won't always tell you what it is.

6. Add the option to leave a disabled platoon, you shouldn't be trapped in it, whether it was inappropriate or not.

7. Fix the flame radar. It doesn't work properly as it should. it's supposed to flag threads those on your radar posted in but it doesn't show anything

I also made a thread on battlelog about this:

Please consider my ideas
I support every word of this!
This is the forum for Better Battlelog, we can't do anything about 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Only DICE can change those.

Point 6 on the other hand, that one we should be able to do. I can't make any promises but I'm pretty sure BBLog can handle it. Point 7 is a BBLog feature so that's a bug, will most likely be fixed in the next version of BBLog (2.0).
Signed what jumpy says. 7 is a bug and should be fixed in 2.0
6 is under consideration.