Background problem - Better Battlelog Forums #73405

Hi there,

As in title it a specific problem with which I can't get through I've just found out about this fantastic addon and I'm overwhelmed by the posibilities it gives. I started to play with the options and themes

I founded I theme for me but I wanted a background from the other one

So Ive changed it with ease but Ive notticed something was different when Im using a theme with given background its not scrolling down only thing thats moving is battlelogs board and when Ive changed background to mine everything was moving just like the background was only on top of page and bottom of page where without background

And here is my question can I do it with just some options change or I need to learn come css skills
first you should read this topic and follow my introductions.

if you still have questions, let us know.
If I have to use css comands i have to write it in Change Background field or is it somwhere else ?
everything what i have described on the HowTo-Page is for the "Change Background" function, so yes, you have to write everything in this row/input field.