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I wanted to suggest three little improvements for the Loadout section.

1) Add quick links similar to the ones which are in the assignments page.

2) Allow to hide the loadouts you don't want to edit anymore (similar to the assignments page).

3) Make the buttons more "clear". Especially when I try to change attachments it's very annoying to click on the wrong one because you clicked one pixel too far. I don't know how you can do it, I think having more space between the buttons would be good enough.

Here's a screen about it:

Yeah I know, I'm not good with this sort of stuff
maybe a save button for a loadout what you want to save and take it fast when you want to change
maybe 3 saveslots for loadouts per class and when you klick on save one 1 it pops out
Sounds good but it will take a couple of hours do integrate that.
So, maybe i integrate it in one of the upcoming releases.

I know that DICE currently do improvements on this page, i wait a bit before i start.
Would be nice to have a RANDOMIZE buttom to the Primary Weapon and Side Arm Loudout.

I've been randomizing a lot my weapon acessories since I unlocked them all. I like a little challenge!
ANYTHING to help with the loadout page would be awesome-o! I frequently change my scopes on my weapons, and often go on a loadout spree trying out things, and truth be told - simply to change a scope in your weapon takes ages ingame. Anything that would help with using this page FAST while waiting to respawn (with dual monitors in my case) is a god send.

My first 2cents would be - duplicate the apply button to the bottom of each class' loadout box - preferably 100% width so it's fast wether you're changing your torch away or your scope.