Weapon slots stats - Better Battlelog Forums #2155

On the weapon's page for the M5K there the flash suppressor is an item you can put into the the slots but there is no flash suppressor for the M5K. Only laser sight and standard suppressor.

Also just a thought and speaking of those slots is it possible to group them together the way it really is?
So like Slot 1 would only have the foregrip and bipod. While Slot 2 has only the heavy barrel, flash suppressor, suppressor, and laser.
The way it is now you can select the foregrip and bipod at the same time. Interesting results from the stats but not possible in-game.

Sorry if the last part has been brought up before.

if i'm looking in battlelog, i see a flash suppressor.
its available after 100 kills with the M5K.

about the secound request... was already discused once, we decided to leave it like it is.
My bad. I was looking at Symthic and PDWs and when I selected the flash suppressor I noticed nothing changed when I was looking at the M5K and then saw it had a red X meaning it's not available with that weapon and some how over looked it in the unlocks below on Battlelog.

Indeed there's no flash suppressor for the M5K, it's probably another error on Battlelog.