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Update: I think the app is complete for now. So I released Version 1.0. If there are any requests I may develop the app futher on.
Update: Now with seperation between Infantry and Vehicle Loadout and a better UI


I´m currently working on an Android app, which allows you to save different Loadout-Sets and load/equip them when you need them, even during battle or mapchange. For example you could have a Loadout for Domination with 1x Scopesand laserpointer equiped on all weapons or a Conquest Large Loadout with 4x Scopes. So you don´t have to switch the the loadout manually. It also allows you to seperate between vehicle and infantry loadouts, so you can load a different infantry loadout while the vehicle loadout is untouched.

eventually TODO:
-display the weapons/equipment included in a Loadout-Set

If you have any idea what else I could add, or if you have any feedback , bug reports or questions please tell me here.

1. Enter your Battlog login information in the options menu
2. Use the +-Button to save your currently equipped Loadout and choose a name and a type (Infantry/Vehicle/All) for it
3. Click on a Loadout to load it and watch it happen on Battlelog or in game
4. Long click on a Loadout to remove it.


Short and simple Video explanation:
I'm not an Android user, but on iOS the official Battlelog application can do all of this? AI didn't knew the applications for the two platforms were that different?
I know you can edit your Loadout, but I don´t know of a feature to save different Loadouts and then equip a totally different loadout with one click.
I haven´t seen this in the android version, and I didn´t found about the iOS version having this.

I´m not sure if I explained well enough what this app does. It is similar to this BBLog Plugin:
Okay my bad, I've misunderstand you. :-)
No problem, I´m trying to revise my post/explanation.
Short and simple Video Explanation:
Unfortunately I think your (hard) work is for temporarily usage. :(

dapil wrote:
I almost expected something like that, but lets see how they are going to implement it, maybe my app will still have some advantages and if not, it is like it is :(
If anyone uses this app with a non PC-Account or even a account with multiple soldiers, please tell me if its working. It should be, but I am not able to test it since I dont own a console.