RADAR NEW WAY TO WORK - Better Battlelog Forums #1497

- the RADAR feature, should be add to it a UNIVERSAL LIST that list every SINGLE cheater once marked as cheater by someone using the script. This rank list would be accessible through a new button located somewhere in the Battlelog and it would link the person to where the list is eg:getbblog.com/rank. Such universal list would also be accessible by it's actual link, and EVERYONE who has the link will be able to see the full list, to comment against or in behalf of a specific player will be necessary to log in. To avoid bad reports such as fake ones, trolls and etcetera the person who is flagging someone as a cheater must provide the battlereport link otherwise the procedure won't be completed and the cheater won't become flagged.
- If a soldier is already highly flagged as cheater the PROFILE of such soldier automatically becomes flagged, that means that if that person plays in other platforms such as consoles the soldiers of those platforms would also be automatically flagged as cheaters too. Although the script only works in PC browsers in close future it could work in mobile browsers too which is the most used way to access Battlelog by console players.
- To avoid wrong flags, a soldier is only consider as cheater if it got flagged more than SEVERAL TIMES (like 10 20 30 the exact number has yet to be discussed.) As soon as a profile becomes a highly flagged profile (HFP) it would be automatically added to the Universal Black List File (UBLF), the UBLF would contain the PBGUID and EAGUID of ALL soldiers attached at the HFPs. The UBLF would be downloaded in an extension compatible with a variety of server programs and could be used by OWNERS OF SERVERS to ban those HFPs from their servers.

Such system has no weakness because it is constructed by the people, not one, nor two, nor ten, it would be hundreds and hundreds of people contributing to the system every day and night 24/7. It would be free, transparent, simple, and the most important it would WORK and by that i mean keep the cheaters away from the servers protected by the UBLF.

An other functionality, but this one is restricted to PC players, is that it would warn people that there's HFPs in the server they are trying to get in.

For the sake of the success and integrated functionality of the universal list a private and yearly expensive database combined with a good server would be necessary to secure the data and make sure that everything works as it should. Such database would contain the comments and the battlereports and the rest of the other things.

this idea of mine is a huge thing, i mean HUUUUUUUGE, i'm telling you guys if this ever becomes real it will ROOOOOOOOCK! I mean, It works across the sky and seas, any fucking cheater flagged by someone it will be there, the WHOLE world would be able to see and spit on their faces. And not only that, the admins would be able to ban them. We gamers don't need DICE to secure us, we just need to be intelligent, the fact that we still depending on those fuckers to ban cheaters is definitely not intelligent. Let's use our brains.

The unique downside of this project is that it demands money (I GUESS), so it would probably depends on soldiers donations, and that's pretty much it, of couse there's a lot of other things about it that should be discussed and pointed but i'm limiting myself to show you the point of the Iceberg, if the point is HUGE imagine the whole Ice...

Very helpful, I would like to see this be done!
As you said fernando. A huge thing that requires solid server structure, money and much time - when this feature gonna be to be fantastic.
Many people asked me for any feature that is like a global list.
So i must reject this as every other request - A global cheater list will never come.
Required things are too much for me as a single person to handle, and i also would not handle it.
This project is just a hobby which requires already to much resources for me (time).
We must wait for EA/DICE that adds some feature like"Carma" or so to players.
i had no idea that you were working together on this project...

like i said for the GLOBAL RADAR become real would demand a bunch of things that are very expensive, like servers hardware, internet bandwidth, encryption and security of database and of course the script itself. And it's clear that it would depend on a lot of people and a lot of things too...

of course i can't blame you for not taking it, i mean everything would depend on you and just you, but my point was that with the help of lots of people, including money, it could really become true. But again, I totally understand your point.
right at the first paragraph i meant "alone" instead of "together".