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When I go to create and save a new filter it acts like it's reloading the list of server but just stops. I have to reload the page then save it again for it to actually save.
I hope that made sense.
What do you mean? Do you mean the "Save and Reload" Button? Do you mean the "Filterset" Button?
Which Browser do you have? Which BBLog Version do you use?
So less information, we can't help.
I have the same problem with latest Chrome and Firefox version. It has nothing to do with BBLog, it's a bug from battlelog itself. I disabled BBLog and it still happened to me.

For clarification; the problem is that when you change something in the filter settings (e.g. Change Hardcore to Normal mode) it will try to refresh the server list, but it stops 'rolling' after a while. You need to 'F5' the page and it will work again. :-)

As Brain said, unfortunately we can't help you.
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Ok I go to the Server Browser, I check off what I want for my filters. I click "refresh and save filters". Then I click on My filtersets->Save active settings, I name it and click OK.
That is when the problem comes in. Some times it works and other times it doesn't. Either way the normal thing seems to be that it reloads the list of servers. When it doesn't work the reload just sits there and the filter set wasn't saved. I have to refresh the whole page using the browser and do the "Save active settings" again and then it usually works.
Using the latest version of BBlog

Sorry for not painting a clear enough picture before I was being pulled in 3 other directions while trying to do this at the same time last night. Hopefully this one is clear enough.
Well as we said, no BBLog issue.