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Hi guys,

I've been wondering if there will be BetterBattlelog support for Battlefield Hardline.

As soon as the HL (HardLine) Battlelog came on screen I could tell something was missing. In BF3 & BF4 I really, really like the BBLog & always use the enhancements, & always recommend it to players that don't have it. If it's not going to be for HL, the HL Battlelog will seem incomplete & will be sorely missed because EA & Dice will never do as good a job as what you guys have done BF3 & 4.
BBLog for BF Hardline is on the plan. But i have no ETA for it.
Nice. Thank you. Keep up the good work, it's all appreciated. If I understood how to write the coding & values, I'd help out, but unfortunately, it's way above my head. UK BTEC computer engineer level 2 course is as far as I've got so far, about 1/4 of the way through.