Error since Sep. 4th Update and BBLog 1.32 - Better Battlelog Forums #1994

Hi everybody,
I just wanted to mention that the medal counter (how much ribbons need to be archived in order to get a medal) is screwed up. The Medals and Ribbons moved out of order, so that some counters count something else.
My first Medal is Sniper - but the ribbon it is pointing to is the MCOM Defender Ribbon which has moved from its original location.
That is the same for almost every medal there is ....
BBLog 1.32 doesn't exist.
Which browser do you use, also a screenshot would help us.
Maybe try to deactive BBLog and check if the error still exist, if yes, it's a DICE problem.
Also you should deactivate all user made bblog plugins if you use one.
Figured out and fixed in next release.