Video background - Better Battlelog Forums #114947

Did you guys know that you can enable
video background
in Battlelog?

I just noticed it, but I think you guys
as always
already knew this. If not, here you go, lol.
say wut?

no didn't know tell me :)
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I see this option last week, but i don't even care to change and try... lol

It's cool?
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If you enable it, the background changes to some kind of GIF file. It's raining, thundering, etc.

Option can be found in settings. :)
I might be wrong (probably am) but wasn't the animated background enabled per default back when the BF4 Battlelog was opened and was disabled by BBlog to reduce load?
Yes, it was there since BF4 launch (maybe even Beta). I think it was removed first by BBLog and then by the Battlelog devs because of performance issues. Then it was re-enabled maybe 2 months ago and it was also optional.