Everytime you Do an update it wipes my User Radar list - Better Battlelog Forums #1958

Why is that?

Can I turn updates off?

You aren't doing us any good if we have to restart a list from scratch
To less information to help you.
Browser? BBLOG Version? Which Updates (Browser, Addon)? Etc...
Brezman wrote:
Can I turn updates off?

You can use the
Cloud Function
, if your user Radar is again empty, just import the Data from the Cloud.

There are many ways, how you can save your settings, pls check them.
ORFK wrote:
Yes you can, just dont download / install the new version. BBLog doesn't have an AUTO update function, so it's your point, if you're updating it

Not correct. BBLog DOES provide auto Update for new updates. It depends on your addon manager settings. You can turn off auto updates for addons in your browser. It not depends on BBLog.
BBLog just provide the ability to use auto update.