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So, now after some rounds of commander mode i am a bit confused.

It's about the cruise missile.
After random time i cannot fire a cruise missile anymore and i don't know why.
Played in Obliteraton Mode - At first we leaded the game, after some the the enemy team had a better play and they won finally. First i thought it is because we leading but also when we turned into the looser team there was no chance for me to fire a cruise missile.

Also in one game i had the cruise missile the whole game (1h game).
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BrainFooLong wrote:
It's about the cruise missile.

I don't know too much about the commander mode, because imo Battlefield 4 is so bad (server crashes, client crashes, hit detection, hit boxes, endless bugs, etc, etc) and unplayable right now, that I stopped playing and wait for a patch to get hopefully a working game.

It could be either that your team lost the flag which gives you the missile and never captured it back or it could be a bug (I wouldn't be surprised.).
Yeah, I think that it is a bug. In one game I lost the cruise missile as soon as the first of our objectives got destroyed. So I imagine that they were planning on taking away those advanced commander assets one at a time as your objectives got destroyed, but it bugged out and let you keep your cruise missile. The same thing happened to me. I had unlimited cruise missiles but the enemy commander did not. :P