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i have a few ideas in mind, that would surely make Battlelog a better Battlelog.. hope you like and embrace my suggestions, either way thank you for the attention.

- there's a problem with the "FREE SLOTS FILTER", it doesn't filter FULL servers, yes, there's should be a new option that should allow it to also filter FULL servers. I can imagine two ways of doing this, adding a new filter that would filter servers with "X" number of users and disabling the FREE SLOTS FILTER or maybe they could work together, or the easy one (i guess) adding a new option under the FREE SLOTS FILTER called "NONE" that would allow it to filter servers with NONE free slots. like this =

- add a new filter that would filter servers with "X" number of PING. like this =

- when you click on a server the playerlist is AUTOLOADED

- when the playerlist is loaded you are able to see the RANK and SPM of each soldier and if you hover the mouse over a soldier you can see his status. like this =

- Replace all dogtag placeholders that are 100% opaque with the actual dogtag but with 70% opacity. like this =

- MULTIPLE FILTER PROFILES the ability of having multiple filter profiles is very important for long time players. eg: When i play RUSH i use theis setting: "", and when i play LARGE/SMALL CONQUEST i use this one: "", and when playing TDM/SDM i also use different filters... So as you can see they are VERY different from each other. And that's where a MULTIPLE FILTER PROFILE would help, it would save the filter settings in different profiles and whenever i want to play a different style game i just select which FILTER PROFILE i want and done.

- at the HOME tab there's the "Friends Battle feed". I wish a button that would give "HOOAH!" to everyone listed on the feed. And also a button which would sort the feeds by DATE or by SOLDIER or by MEDALS or by STARS. That would be very cool. And also an other button that would load the maximum possible amount of feeds. And also add an option that would autoload the maximums feed button everytime the you enter in the HOME.

- a way to save inside the user's storagedriver all battlereports HE wants including battlereports from other people and also an option to save all of his battlereports automatically. These reports should be saved in .xml or in whatever extension necessary aiming the proper work and small amount of space needed. Each battlereport would have it's own file, meaning the same amount of files as battlereports. The automatically saved ones should be placed in a different folder than the ones saved manually. The battlereport file should contain in it's name the , not in exactly in that order but you get what i mean..

- BBlog should automatically detect which version of battlelog it's running, and if it's a not compatible version it should deactivates itself until an update is made by you the author. Let's consider this a security feature which could be easily implemented, it would be nice to see the plugin doing that cuz I'm sure a lot of people would uninstall it like 4ever because they had a bad experience with it bugging instead of complementing their Battlelog.

- i don't know if there is an AUTO UPDATE feature, if there is well GREAT, if not my suggestion is to implement it. It's easy to do and most important people love it.

Best regards,
Here my statements:
1. Its not possible, see request:

2. Also not possible because the ping is detected after the list is loaded and it could take up to minutes to have all pings, sometimes also ping is never shown.
3. This should be possible.
4. I know that feature from another userscript, but i not include it cause it requires many requests which could have impact to battlelog servers if thousends of users sends 64 times more requests then usually.
5. This should be possible.
6. MultiFilters: Good idea, requires a lot of work. Maybe a plan for the future.
7. HOAH -> There's already enough hoah buttons. Sort, Isnt't possible because only maximal 20 entries are shown and a sorting is only possible when you know all existing entries.
8. Extensions have no direct access to user's harddrive (firefox have maybe some hints, chrome only in experimental mode and than its also limited). Not possible. Maybe i can add a button to save each report manually, but i don't know it yet.
9. BBLog works good with battlelog, also when they update it. Since bblog exists there was many battlelog updates and BBLog always work great. No need to deactivate any features.
10. BBLog already auto updating as every other browser addon.