List competitive platoons - Better Battlelog Forums #1454

How about a list where you can find all the competitive platoons? It would make searching so much easier...

I've got pretty good connections with many competitive platoons and I can provide you links and like 30+ platoons which are competing in 12v12 CQ battles etc.

Let me know.
This feature is only for promotional purposes.
BBLog do not support any kind of this stuff.
What about platoon highscores?
Sorry. This things only for "digital muscle measurement" :-)
BBLog wants features that improve battlelog in a generally way, make existings things better or add functionally things to battlelog like platoon images, bbcode, server radar, weapon info, etc..
And highscores, promotional lists or any score measurement feature are not kind of that.
The best statistic and score page i currently know is
I think there you will find all what you search for.